About Us

The Cherrington Firm, PLLC – Provo, Utah

The Cherrington Firm (TCF) is a Utah based debt collection law firm.  Although our law firm offers many different legal services through affiliate attorneys, TCF specializes in both consumer and commercial debt collections.  Debt collection services include, but not limited to the following: medical, dental, retail, financial, rental properties, utilities and returned checks.  TCF is staffed with experienced collectors and support staff that are continually trained to ensure compliance with all federal and state collection laws.  TCF utilizes the latest industry technologies that help to increase its overall portfolio recovery by almost twice the national average.  Our continuing education programs focus our staff to provide the most professional, ethical and effective collection techniques possible.  Our team offers experience in the debt collection industry since 1966.  We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service that is extended to both our clients and to their customers during the collection process.

Compliance – We Protect Our Reputation, So You Can Protect Yours.
The ongoing regulatory environment (i.e. CFPB, FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, etc.) has made it requisite that creditors and debt collectors not only have licensing in all required states and municipalities, but also have dedicated resources to monitor and manage the changing regulatory landscape. Every day lawsuits are filed against unlicensed and unprepared debt collectors for unprofessional recovery practices. Why take that risk? It’s your reputation at stake.
The Cherrington Firm takes many steps on a daily basis to affirm we are compliant with all best-practices processes and data security standards. Annual audits ensure we maintain these high standards.
For you, this means:

  • Less legal risk
  • More cases resolved, faster
  • More positive relationships with your customers

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