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We are a debt collection law firm

Less legal risk

More accounts paid faster

More positive relationships with your customers

No Collection, No Fee –

If we can’t collect the money you’re owed, then you don’t pay us anything for our services. Our firm operates on a commission basis, we rely on collecting your debts to get paid. Unlike some collection agencies, The Cherrington Firm doesn’t need to charge upfront, hidden, or monthly fees. We rely on our own abilities and expertise to collect for you.

Compliance –

We protect our reputation, so you can protect yours. We follow the ACA International Code of Ethics, and adhere to all Federal, State and local laws and regulations. We require ongoing and extensive employee training in order to stay ahead of any changes in legislation. We continually develop new strategies and solutions to ensure our company remains compliant and does not expose our clients or ourselves to legal liability.

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Why Partner With Us?

A Personal Touch

Our firm does not use robocalls or automated messages in our collections process. Every account is unique, and the collections process can be complex. There is no automated method of collecting that would be more effective than a live, professional collector. We believe that it takes a live human being to be able to understand each unique situation and implement a customized collection strategy with each customer we talk to. It’s our personal touch that really makes the difference.

A Local Business

The Cherrington Firm is headquartered in the Utah County area, and we specialize in debt collection in Utah. Laws and regulations governing the debt collection industry vary from state to state. We believe in employing local collectors, local support teams, and local Utah attorneys specializing in their own state laws. This allows us to achieve a higher rate of collection recovery because we can stay focused on where we are, where you are, and where your customers are. It has taken us decades to learn and focus in on our best skills. We insist on treating your customers right because they are our neighbors too, we are people that live and work here with you and your customers.

Our Collection Approach

 Customized Solutions

No two accounts are ever the same, so the solutions should not be either. We offer debt collection solutions that are customized to each type of account we’re working on for you. We take into consideration both the needs of the client and their customer in each of our in-person communications.

Advanced Skip Tracing Tools

Skip tracing involves finding people who don’t want to be found. Each of our professional collectors have access to proprietary skip tracing tools. These tools allow us to locate your customers, as well as any assets they may have. We are able to track them down even if they have moved, changed phone numbers, or are trying to hide from their financial obligations.

Executive Team

Lacey Cherrington


Lacey is the President and owner of The Cherrington Firm, PLLC, located in Provo, Utah. She has nearly 30 years of business experience with most of that time in the debt collection industry, including owning and operating a collection agency with her family. Lacey still works closely with her family and is now an Attorney at Law representing clients with her debt collection law firm. She enjoys working with her clients and preserving their hard-earnedbusiness profits. Her favorite roles include first, working as a motivator and leader to her management team. Second, to build strong relationships with her clients. And third, to connect and meet new business leaders and mentors in her local communities.

She is an active representative of the Utah Association of Collectors working closely with their lobbyists to ensure the collection industry is represented in a favorable manner in both legislative and regulatory areas of change. She was the Utah’s Attorney State Chair for ACA International and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Utah Medical Management Association.

Lacey earned her Juris Doctorate Degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University and her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Utah Valley University. She is admitted to the Utah State Bar where she can practice in all Utah Courts and the Federal District Court for the District of Utah.

In her spare time, Lacey enjoys spending time with her three daughters and husband. As a family they spend much time boating, camping, hunting, fixing up their cabin and playing softball.

Sydney Carnesecca

Executive Director

Sydney is the Executive Director of The Cherrington Firm and has been in the collection industry since 1999. She started in the industry as a collector hitting top numbers her very first year. She stayed in that role for 4 years and was named “Collector of the Year”for all of those years. Moving up, she then managed the collection floor becoming the Collection Manager for many years. She then worked in Client Relations, first taking customer service calls, handling problems, and then managing the Client Relations Team. She quickly took on the task of training the Sales Team while becoming the Sales Manager in 2008 and then earned her way to the position of COO of a successful collection agency.

Sydney went to Utah Valley State College pursuing a Business Management Degree, completed 2 years when she decided to change majors and go to Cosmetology School. Sydney finished and completed Cosmetology School and obtained a Cosmetology and Barbering license. She started working in a salon, worked her way up to management, and then later owned and operated her own successful salon in Utah County. Her clients still remember her as their favorite hair stylist of all time. Sydney finds her passion in people, hard work, and most of all having fun while doing it. After many years of owning her own successful salon. she decided to invest in her skills and her gift-of-gab in the debt collection industry and has been there ever since.

When not at work, Sydney enjoys being with her large Italian family and spending time with her two kids and wife. She loves to boat, camp and be out in her yard with her family.

Brett Cherrington

Director of IT

Brett is the Director of IT at The Cherrington Firm. Brett is tasked with keeping our systems running smoothly and safely. He handles all the needs of our hardware, software, and network inside and outside our walls. He continually stays educated on the latest and greatest of all security-based systems to keep our client and customer information safe. Our clients have great piece of mind knowing that their information is secure. His favorite part about his position is figuring out and solving problems when the need arises. Brett enjoys his love for electronics in all he does at work and at home and is always tinkering around with some new electronic hobby.

When Brett is not working, he has some sort of do-it-yourself project going on at home. He loves to learn and is constantly reading up on anything new and upcoming in the tech and electronic industry. Brett and his wife, Lacey, enjoy spending time with her three daughters at their cabin and in the yard. As a family they spend much time boating, camping, hunting, fixing up their cabin and playing softball.

Jackie Carnesecca

Director of business Development

Jackie has been with The Cherrington Firm for 5 years. She has 14 years of experience in sales, leadership, management, learning and development, and coaching. While directing and supporting her team to perform their best day to day, she leads the collection team by managing the overall collections strategy and workflow. Jackie is focused on helping her team maximize collections and maintaining client satisfaction. Her day-to-day strategy is to stay people focused and people driven in the workplace to maintain a positive company culture. She enjoys keeping her team motivated and engaged while providing excellent service to our customers and clients.

Jackie attended the University of Utah on a full-ride athletic scholarship. She started all 4 years on the University of Utah’s softball program. Academically she earned her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications and Business. During her time at the University of Utah Jackie found her passions for motivating, leading and mentoring her peers. She then decided to take these passions and turn them into lifelong career choices.

Jackie enjoys spending time with her family and kids, hiking, spending time out on the water boating, and being outside enjoying the sunshine.

Shanna Carnesecca

Client Specialist

Shanna is the favorite of our clients as Client Specialist at The Cherrington Firm. Shanna has been in the collection industry since 1966. Along side her husband she started one of the first, yet most successful, collection agencies in Utah.

Shanna started in sales and business development for many years and has always worked in a position where taking care of clients was top priority. She is the saleswoman our clients love to see. She personally hand delivers most of our monthly statement checks and makes sure we are always visible to our clients. Her expertise in handling our clients is unsurpassed and she is greatly welcomed into our clients’ offices.

Shanna is the person everyone wants to see at conferences. She works side by side with the Sales Manager to oversee all expos, conventions, and trainings that need to be attended.

When not working Shanna spends time at her beautiful home with her husband of 50+ years. They have a large Italian family that lives very close, and they spend much time chasing grandkids to many sporting and school events. They love to hunt, camp and be outside or in the mountains together with their family.

Kathy Reimschessel

Client Services

Kathy is the voice of The Cherrington Firm when any client calls in. Kathy has worked in the collections industry since 2009. Working in customer service has always been a passion for Kathy. Working with people and helping others to reach their goals and lighten their load by making the process as easy as possible. While working with the clients she has also taken on other operational task and processes. She has also received employee of the year several times.

When not at work she enjoys being with her husband and two girls. She enjoys working in their garden and cooking family dinners together.

Elaina Roundy

Litigation Team Lead

Elaina is the LitigationTeam Lead at The Cherrington Firm. Elaina has worked on the litigation side of debt collections industry since 2006. She started out as a legal office assistant and has worked her way up to her current position and oversees all litigation collectors and operations support team. She plays an important role assisting with client calls including preparing and arranging clients for trials. She coordinates with the court clerks to schedule the attorney for any and all hearings. She is great at maintaining our important relationships with process servers, constables, and all other outside litigation vendors. With her extreme attention to detail and “elephant” like memory she is a force to be reckoned with. She shares her vision of success with her team and helps guide them to success.

In her spare time Elaina enjoys spending time with her family, husband and granddaughters. In the summer they spend much time, boating, watching her teenage son play baseball, playing her own bit of softball, and also spends many winters-day snowmobiling at their cabin.

Melissa Kerby

Human Resources and Finance

Melissa is the Human Resources and Finance Director at The Cherrington Firm. Melissa has been in the collection industry since 1998. She started as a collector and moved from different positions throughout the collection industry leading up to Operations Manager. She then worked her way up to the Finance and HR Manager. She has also worked in the litigation side, which was a great fit because it was pretty much the only position she had never worked in before. Melissa is knowledgeable in every department of the company, is well rounded and is a frequent go-to person for anything that needs her attention.

Melissa spends her off-work hours with her blended family. She has 4 of her own sons and was lucky to add 6 step children to her life. She now has 8 grandchildren. Melissa enjoys family BBQs, card games, camping and 4 wheeling

Our History

We are a family-owned and operated business, with knowledge of the industry having been passed down from generation to generation since 1966. In 2007 Lacey Cherrington recognized an opportunity for growth in the business model to become the more reliable debt collector in Utah. Debt collectors outsource and work with law firms to collect on debts. Lacey went to law school to provide legal services for their debt collection company, making the team work more efficiently and strategically for their clients.

We are members of your community. We are your neighbors. We are committed to seeing our community succeed and thrive. Whether you’re a client looking to collect on debts, or a customer needing to repay debts, you can expect to receive the same level of professionalism and quality service from our team.

Our Service

We offer customized solutions with a personal touch. We form strong partnerships of trust with our clients to improve overall processes. We become an integral part of our client’s business. We invest in the best personnel, technologies, and processes.
Our team is trained in advanced skip tracing, helping us locate customers more effectively. We prioritize customer service and take the time to listen to and understand customer situations. Our attention to detail and customer care increases recovery rates. With highly effective measures of reducing risk and quickly recovering your money, our firm is able to directly impact our client’s bottom line. Our clients choose us for peace of mind, knowing that we deliver on our promise.

Our Mission

To work efficiently and provide high recovery rates for clients while treating their customers with respect by listening to their concerns and making them feel comfortable and valued throughout the collection process.