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Here are some frequently asked questions from our Clients:

Before sending an account to The Cherrington Firm for collection, is there anything I need to do? Do I need to inform the customer that their delinquent account is being send to a collection company?

No, there is no requirement to inform your customer prior to assigning an overdue account to collections. This is an urban legend, as is the notion that an account can’t be placed for collection if the consumer is paying something ($1 per month, for example.)

I have never hired a professional debt collector. What will The Cherrington Firm do to help me recover my company’s accounts receivables?

We work with your customers to create a plan that ensures the debt is paid in a timely manner. The goal is to work together with them to get the debt paid to stop further interest and fees from building up. We want each customer to feel comfortable and valued so we listen to their needs,  understand the weight of financial debts, and work together with them to create a plan and find a solution. 

What is the minimum dollar amount that we can turn over to collections?

We do not have a minimum dollar amount that we will accept for collections. This is a business decision for our clients. However, depending on your industry, we can offer some recommendations. Please contact us to discuss.

How long does it take to collect a debt?

The amount of time it takes to collect a debt varies greatly depending on several factors, such as type of account, delinquency date, total balance owed, customer’s financial situation, among other things. Contact us to speak with a representative about your unique situation, and we will be able to give you a better time frame.

Can The Cherrington Firm help me collect accounts when the consumer is located in a different state besides Utah or out of the country?

Yes, we can help you collect from consumers residing in other states besides Utah and also outside of the US.