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The Cherrington Firm’s team has been providing professional debt collection services for a variety of industries since 1966!

Learn How Cherrington Firm can help you with your collections.

Dental & Medical Practices

Telecommunications & Utilities

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Pest Control

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Our Collection Approach

 Customized Solutions

No two accounts are ever the same, so the solutions should not be either. We offer debt collection solutions that are customized to each type of account we’re working on for you. We take into consideration both the needs of the client and their customer in each of our in-person communications.

Advanced Skip Tracing Tools

Skip tracing involves finding people who don’t want to be found. Each of our professional collectors have access to proprietary skip tracing tools. These tools allow us to locate your customers, as well as any assets they may have. We are able to track them down even if they have moved, changed phone numbers, or are trying to hide from their financial obligations.


High Recovery Rates

Our recovery rates are typically double those of the national average, meaning you are twice as likely to see your outstanding debts received in full. Our clients consistently see recovery rates at 20-40% because we work with your customers to ensure they pay what they owe.

End-to-end Service

Debt collection relies on strong customer intake forms. As your partner, we work with you from the beginning to build customer intake forms that ensure a satisfactory end result.

Continued Education and Compliance

Our continuing education programs focus our staff to provide the most professional, ethical, and effective collection techniques possible. We guarantee compliance with all best-practices processes and data security standards through annual audits.


Talk Through Solutions

We work with customers to create a plan that ensures the debt is paid in a timely manner. The goal is to work together to get the debt paid to stop further interest and fees from building up.

Customer service centric

We want each customer to feel comfortable and valued. We listen to their needs and understand the weight of financial debts and work together to create a plan and find a solution.